Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 3 notes and....

Conditions for classroom innovation:
WHy don't teachers innovate when using computers>

Three interactive domains: Innovator, innovation, Context.

Innovator - the teacher.
Technology proficiency important. In 2002 - Nowadays "tech" is far more accessible

Must be compatibility between pedagogical beliefs and the technology :

"view technology as a means to an end.... connection b/ween tech and curriculum.... the value of techn limited to... adding novelty.... likelihood of success was greatly reduced.
"Willa" didn't match her pedagogy to the aim of the project...  Need to have a full understanding about goals and why we use the new technology.

Socially awareness: Must be able to know where to go in the school, and understand social dynamics of the school.

Distance from school 'culture' has an effect on the project.

Distance from existing practise:


Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition 

substitution - new tech replaces old but doesn't change the task
augmentation - tech changes task slightly but is still similar- increases functionality.
Modification - tech is used to redesign parts of task and transform students learning - collab on google doc
Redefinition - design and create new tasks that were once unimaginable. eg connecting to classrooms across the world with google doc

No impact from technology as no one has 'gone beyond' substitution.

Technological Pedagogical  Content Knowledge

Content - its the what, the subject matter
Pedagogical Knowledge - its the how - what tools do we use to teach knowledge?
Technology - the 'partner' what tool will we use to make content more accessible?
TPAC is when all three 'areas' work together 

Work with people in 'other subjects' to get other ideas and feed into your task creation.

Going OVer the Reading :

Proficiency not as important as having a POSITIVE MINDSET and being willing to learn.

Learning is messy
Technology has finally caught up to the way humans think......
Incremental Changes - note to self change some of the poetry unit...

Any product is 'unfinished' - get feedback and apply it 

Problems in practise....

Students refusing to use computers ....
Groupwork not 'collaborative'
Unmotivated students - particularly at 'higher levels' - screenshots of KAMAR not submitteds, 
Students not wanting to do anything - regardless of how 'interesting it is' - collect surveys, 

Introduce More Technology into the classroom - Collecting Evidence using 365, how to engage 'the rest' 

Need to decide:
What evidence do I have/ need to collect:
Innovate by myself or with others?
Some digital /collaborative learning solutions....
What are you going to try ? What were the problems? What went wrong/ what do you need to do?
Make a plan and try it soon - ask the kids how it went. 
Ask kids what they think the biggest problem with 'my teaching' is.....

Disruptive Tech

http://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/mooreslaw.asp Exponential growth in technology

What will disrupt education? Already has happened - can sit in front of a computer and 'learn' content knowledge better than a teacher
BUT we have to teach "creativity" etc.....

Are we in a computer simulation?
In not too distant future won't be able to tell the difference between 'the real' and 'the fake' world

Assessment - 

Write a 960 word essay first - importance is yr voice and thinking

support your points with a referenced piece of research (altho not super important)

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